LCP Recall

In 2008, Ruger received a small number of reports from the field indicating that LCP® pistols could discharge when dropped onto a hard surface with a round in the chamber. We are firmly committed to safety and would like to retrofit all older LCP® Pistols. The retrofit involves installation of an upgraded hammer mechanism at no charge to the customer.

How to determine if your pistol needs the retrofit:

All LCP® pistols with serial number prefix "371" and higher (371-xxxxx) have been manufactured with the new hammer mechanism and are NOT affected by the recall and DO NOT need to be returned. If your LCP® has a serial number prefix "370," (see Figure 1) you will need to check the flat portion of the slot just behind and below the hammer for a diamond mark. As shown in Figure 2, LCPs marked with the diamond have had the new hammer mechanism installed and DO NOT need to be returned. If your LCP® has the "370" serial number prefix and DOES NOT HAVE the diamond mark, you should have your LCP® retrofitted with the upgraded hammer mechanism at no charge.

Retrofitted LCP

We want to remind gun users that, for maximum safety when carrying any pistol with a loaded magazine in place, the chamber should be empty, and the slide should be closed. Any gun may fire if dropped or struck.

Next Steps
Step 1 - Contact us via email at or phone at 1-800-784-3701 and provide your name, address, the serial number of your pistol, your telephone number and the best time to call.

Step 2 - We will verify that your pistol is subject to the recall and will send you a packing container, detailed instructions and shipping label so you can send your pistol to us FREE of charge.

Step 3 - We will install the new hammer mechanism, plus some other functional upgrades that we added since the LCP’s introduction, and return your LCP® to you, all FREE of charge.

Thank you,
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

We recognize that this is an inconvenience so, as a thank you, we will include an extra magazine at no charge to you when we return the rifle.
For Connecticut residents (only), we will send you a gift certificate in lieu of the magazine.