Ruger Auction

Ruger is excited to offer you an opportunity to bid on and acquire rare, unusual, discontinued, or one-of-a-kind Ruger firearms and accessories. All items are available to qualified buyers as part of a "no reserve" auction subject, of course, to applicable laws.

Super Blackhawk® Bisley™ in .44 Mag.


This week’s auction item is a Ruger® Bisley™ 44 Magnum revolver. The serial number is 85-79659, and it was testfired September 24, 1987. This revolver was purchased in September 1987 and subsequently returned to the factory. There are no notes stating why it was returned. A letter “U” was stamped in front of the serial number indicating this is a “used” gun. According to the 1988 Ruger firearms catalog, “The Bisley single-action was originally conceived as a target revolver. The first models were used by competitive target shooters at the British National Rifle Association matches held in Bisley, England, in the 1890’s. Although the Bisleys made at that time were named for this focal point of target shooting in England they were also widely used in the United States as well, particularly in the Old West.” This Bisley features a smoothly-curved, wide serrated hammer with a low profile; blued finish; 7-1/2” barrel; and American walnut grip panels with silver-colored Ruger eagle medallions. It also features a roll-engraved scene on a non-fluted cylinder; a dovetailed rear sight click-adjustable for windage or elevation, and a ramp-style blade front sight.

Standard Model Pistol


Up for auction is a unique Ruger® Standard Model Pistol. Manufacture of the Standard Model pistols began in 1949 and were in production until the Mark II series was introduced in 1982. The serial number of this pistol is 16-54887 and the rollmark date is July 1980. This pistol has a blued barrel and grip frame. However, the barrel receiver is not blued. This was not a regular production model. Features include a tapered 4-3/4” barrel; a fixed, wide-blade Patridge-type front sight; and a windage-adjustable, square notch, dovetail-mounted rear sight. The grip panels are made of butaprene-type hard rubber with sharp diamond checkering and a silver-colored Ruger eagle medallion inlaid in the right grip panel. The trigger is grooved and has a 3/8 inch wide curved finger surface.