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Ruger® Auction

Ruger is excited to offer you an opportunity to bid on and acquire rare, unusual, discontinued, or one-of-a-kind Ruger® firearms and accessories. All items are available to qualified buyers as part of a "no reserve" auction, subject to applicable laws.

Standard Model Pistol


Up for auction is a Ruger® Standard Model Pistol. Manufacture of the Standard Model pistols began in 1949 and were in production until the Mark II series was introduced in 1982. The serial number of this pistol is 11-33123 and the manufacture date is January 26, 1972. The pistol was shipped to a distributor and subsequently returned to the factory. There is no manual warning nor is it marked "Mark I" anywhere on the pistol. Features include a tapered 4-3/4 inch barrel; a fixed, wide-blade Patridge-type front sight; and a windage-adjustable, square notch, dovetail-mounted rear sight. The grip panels are made of butaprene-type hard rubber with sharp diamond checkering and a silver with black Ruger eagle medallion inlaid in the left grip panel. The trigger is grooved and has a 3/8 inch wide curved finger surface. The magazine release is located at the bottom of the grip behind the base of the 9-shot magazine. The Standard Model Pistol will be shipped in the two-piece Single-Six cardboard box it had been stored in along with its original Guarantee Card and an appropriate instruction manual. Also included in this auction is a wood "salt cod" box and red-hinged cardboard box.


Stainless P89™ Convertible


Ruger first introduced the stainless manual safety model P89™ convertible pistol in the 1993 Ruger Firearms Catalog. The P89™ convertible pistol was in production for only one year. The serial number of this pistol is 310-34692 and the testfire date October 20, 1995. The .30 Luger barrel is installed in the pistol. The 9mm barrel with guide rod and recoil spring (included), are interchangeable with no tools required. This pistol has never been fired beyond normal testing during manufacture. It features a 4-1/2 inch barrel and high-visibility white-dot inserts on both the front and rear sights. The square notch rear sight is adjustable for windage. It has a stainless steel slide and aluminum alloy frame with molded high impact grip panels. Other features include an oversized trigger guard, full-time ambidextrous magazine latch, and ambidextrous safety. The P89™ will be shipped in the gray plastic pistol case it had been stored in along with two 10-shot magazines and an appropriate instruction manual.