THE AR PLATFORM REDEFINED. The SR-556® and SR-762™ offers Ruger's legendary rugged reliability, and comes factory standard with a host of accessories that today's shooters demand. Employing a patent-pending, chrome-plated, two-stage piston driven operating system that provides the user with a cleaner, cooler running, reliable firearm that is truly state-of-the-art.

The chrome-lined gas block and chrome-plated piston and regulator work together to provide a smooth power delivery stroke to the bolt carrier. The by-products of the gas system are vented out the bottom of the gas block, away from the bolt carrier, keeping the action clean and free from contaminants. The end result is significantly improved performance over gas driven rifles.

The SR-556® is now available in a Takedown model, an innovative twist on an already innovative rifle. Compact and easy to maintain, the SR-556® Takedown sets a new standard for the modern sporting rifle.