A Continuing Symbol of Responsibility

Ruger has been a positive force in this nation's industrial base and a strong advocate of personal responsibility since its founding in 1949. One example that serves to illustrate its long-standing commitment to American values is this safety ad that ran in 1994, commenting upon its original 1955 safety ad.

We Said it 45 Years Ago...and It's Still True Today.

It remains one of the verities of a democracy that a constitution honoring its citizens' right to own firearms bespeaks an extraordinary amount of trust in the citizens' exercise of that freedom. As Sturm, Ruger and Co., Inc. celebrates its 60th anniversary of manufacturing quality firearms, we'd like to remind you that every right carries some serious responsibilities.

Ultimately the only person responsible for gun safety is the owner/user of the firearm. You cannot delegate firearms responsibility. The right to own firearms is under attack as never before. The best way to counter these irresponsible attacks on lawful firearm ownership is to demonstrate, at all times, your responsibility as a firearm user. If we, the responsible majority, lose any of our rights, it will be due to the actions of the irresponsible few. We owe it to ourselves to be responsible in exercising our right to bear arms.
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