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New Ruger Model Variations

Single-Shot Rifles
Ruger has now added two new calibers to its selection of No.1 single-shot rifles, the .458 Lott and the .405 Winchester.

The .458 Lott cartridge gives the serious hunter the stopping power needed for big game hunting. The .458 Lott delivers a 500 grain bullet at approximately 2,300 fps from Ruger's 24" barreled rifles and produces an astonishing 6,020 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, over 1400 ft/lbs more than the .458 Winchester Magnum. .458 Lott chambered rifles will also accept the .458 Win Mag cartridge.

The .405 Win is considered one of the most powerful American rimmed cartridges. It is adequate for most North American big game at short to medium range. It has also been used successfully in Africa on a wide variety of large game species. The Ruger No.1 rifle is the perfect platform for this powerful classic big game cartridge.

Centerfire Bolt-Action Rifles
Both the stainless steel and blued models of the Ruger M77 MKII are now being offered in several new calibers, the .458 Lott, and in the Winchester Short Magnum calibers, .270 WSM and 7mm WSM. .458 Lott chambered rifles will also accept the .458 Win Mag cartridge.

Single-Action Revolvers
The Ruger New Model Single Six is now available in the popular .17 HMR caliber with blued finish, 6" barrel, adjustable rear sight, and walnut grip panels.

Red LabelL All-Weather Shotguns
Ruger now offers three additional Target Grey® 12 gauge shotgun models with full contoured synthetic stock and forearm.