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The NRA Foundation's William B. Ruger Endowment

Prescott, Arizona - William Batterman Ruger was not only an icon in American industry, but a man who exercised the courage of his convictions. These convictions included a vision of firearms engineered to the highest technological and aesthetic standards. His convictions also included a belief that our Second Amendment freedoms, and the very firearms which helped forge our history and guarantee those freedoms, must be perpetuated beyond his lifetime. He firmly believed that the only way to protect these freedoms was to avidly champion our rights and maintain our heritage. Hence, Mr. Ruger's generous support of the NRA Foundation and the creation of the William B. Ruger Endowment. Mr. Ruger established this endowment to "secure forever firearms safety education, and the financing of programs for young shooters, ongoing wildlife and habitat conservation studies and related activities".

While Mr. Ruger left behind a fabulous legacy, he also left us the responsibility and obligation to continue the support of our firearms heritage. So, it is with great pride that we perpetuate his efforts with the creation of a special edition Mark II pistol which salutes the William B. Ruger Endowment on behalf of the NRA Foundation.

What better way to acknowledge and support the William B. Ruger Endowment than to customize Mr. Ruger's first and favorite firearm, the .22LR Ruger pistol. This special edition pistol is the result of a joint effort between William B. Ruger, Jr. and Bryan Tucker, CEO and President of Davidson's. While this wonderful commemorative special edition pistol sports several new and unique features, one of the most important aspects of this offering is the donation to the NRA Foundation's William B. Ruger Endowment of $25 for each pistol sold. This $25 donation is a shared contribution between Sturm, Ruger and Davidson's.

Some of the unique features on this beautiful collector's piece include:

William B. Ruger's signature rollmarked on the receiver just above the bolt Beautiful Ruger Crest incorporating the NRA logo, rollmarked on the top, front portion of the receiver Blued steel bolt adorned with the famous Ruger logo Checkered ivory-colored grips Red Ruger medallions on grips and magazines Special serial numbers: NRA-XXXXX Shipped in a red Ruger commemorative case with Special Ruger/NRA crest logo lens label Comes with Certificate of Authenticity from William B. Ruger, Jr. and Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the NRA. NRA members will have access to reserved inventory This handsome pistol will be available exclusively from Davidson's and through their web site beginning in July. Serial number NRA-00000 will be placed on display at the NRA Firearms Museum. Serial numbers NRA-00001-00010 are expected to be used to raise additional funds by auction through the NRA Foundation.

Catalog number MK4NRA. Suggested retail price $334.00

For additional information please contact: M. Sheldon Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. 200 Ruger Road Prescott, AZ 86301 928-541-8820

Davidson's Inc. / 6100 Wilkinson Drive Prescott, AZ 86301 928-776-8055 928-776-0344 (fax) Email: