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Information in news articles is current as of the date of publication. Product specifications and other details are subject to change over time.

Ruger Introduces New Products for 2011

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), is proud to introduce several new products for 2011.

New Version of Award-Winning Ruger LCR
Ruger's award-winning Lightweight Compact Revolver (LCR®) is now available with an XS® Sight Systems 24/7 Tritium Standard Dot front sight and the original recoil-absorbing Hogue® Tamer™ grip.

The XS® Sight Systems 24/7 Tritium Standard Dot front sight enhances sight acquisition in all light conditions and is designed for fast, low-light target acquisition. Fast, simple and effective, the 24/7 Tritium Standard Dot offers the ultimate in self-defense sight systems and excels in low-light accuracy in high-stress, defensive situations. This new model features the Hogue® Tamer™ grip, which was designed using US military anthropomorphic data on hand shape and can be comfortably held by a broad spectrum of hand sizes.

The 13.5 ounce, small-frame, 5-shot Ruger LCR represents one of the most significant new revolver designs in over a century. The LCR's lightweight, chemical-resistant polymer fire control housing contains the entire fire control mechanism. The LCR's monolithic frame is an aerospace grade, 7000 series aluminum forging treated with a black synergistic hard coat that is applied after machining. The monolithic frame provides sturdy, rigid support for the cylinder and the 1-7/8" long barrel. The extensively fluted 400 series stainless steel cylinder, designed to handle .38 Special +P loads, is lightweight and compact, measuring only 1.283" in diameter in the chamber area.

The LCR's double-action-only trigger pull is uniquely engineered to minimize friction between the fire control components. The fire control system features a friction reducing cam, resulting in a smooth, non-stacking trigger pull. An internal lock, unobtrusively hidden under the grip, does not interfere with the fire control mechanism in any way when disengaged.

Line Extension of Ruger SR40 Pistol
The NEW SR40 Pistol is now available in an alloy steel slide version with Nitridox Pro Black finish. Both the original stainless slide model and the new black slide model also are available in 10 round state compliant versions and are currently available in California.

The SR40 features a slim, narrow glass-filled nylon frame with a short trigger reach, reversible back strap for arched or flat configuration, and fully ambidextrous controls. The slide is either through-hardened, stainless steel or blackened alloy steel, depending on the model.

The SR40 features a 4.1" long barrel, fully adjustable 3-dot sight system, and an integral accessory rail. It also offers modern safety features such as a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator, striker blocker, trigger safety, magazine disconnect, and a frame-mounted ambidextrous manual safety.

The SR40 weighs 27.25 oz. (with an empty magazine) and ships with two fifteen-round flush-fit magazines or two ten-round flush fit magazines where required to comply with state or local laws and regulations. An anti-friction coating applied to the magazine body greatly reduces the force required to load the magazines to full capacity.

Ruger SP101 with new Crimson Trace® Defender Series Lasergrips®
The Ruger SP101® revolvers fitted with the Crimson Trace® LG-111 Defender Series Lasergrips® are designed to put the shooter on target quickly and accurately. The Ruger SP101 model KSP-321CT has a spurless hammer for snag free carry and draw, features 2.25 inch barrel and fixed sights. These 5-shot stainless steel revolvers are chambered for .357 Magnum and can also fire .38 Special ammunition, including .38+P cartridges.

The Crimson Trace LG-111 Defender Series Lasergrips are constructed of hard durable polymer. The red beam laser is activated by a pressure switch located on the front of the grip, making it instinctively usable for right- or left-handed shooters. The laser is adjustable for windage and elevation using an Allen wrench (provided).

Three New Ruger 22/45RP Rimfire Pistols with the Look and Feel of the Classic 1911 Pistol
Three new pistols have been added to the popular line of Ruger 22/45™ Mark III™ rimfire pistols with replaceable panels. New Ruger 22/45RP models include two Hunter variations with 5.5" and 6.88" fluted barrels and a 5.5 slab-sided barrel version. All three models are stainless steel - Hunter models feature fiber optic front and adjustable rear sights, while the slab-sided model features fixed front and adjustable rear sights.

The Ruger 22/45RP, with the 1911-style grip angle and feel, features replaceable 1911-style grip panels, making it an even more realistic understudy for the classic 1911 pistol. The checkered cocobolo 1911-style grip panels on the new Ruger 22/45RP Mark III pistol provide both functionality and pleasing aesthetics. With the ability to change the grip panels, shooters can use the pistol with grips that better fit their hand size or personalize the pistol with grips of special materials or motifs.

New Offerings in the Ruger No.1
For 2011, several Ruger No. 1 rifles will be offered in new calibers. The heavy barreled No. 1 Tropical (1-H) is now available in .458 Lott, a popular choice for dangerous game since its introduction in 1971. With its checkered American walnut stock, 24" barrel, blued receiver, bead front and adjustable rear sights, the .458 Lott Ruger No. 1 Tropical combines beauty, strength and power in an affordable, American-made single-shot rifle.

The .300 Ruger Compact Magnum (RCM) is now available in the Ruger No. 1 International (1-RSI). Based on the beltless .375 Ruger, the .300 RCM is engineered to top .300 Winchester Magnum performance with less felt recoil, longer barrel life, and superior performance at all temperatures. The Ruger No. 1 International features a traditional European-designed full Mannlicher-style stock and 20" barrel.

The No. 1 Varminter (1-V) chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor delivers the superb accuracy and terminal performance of this new round in a classic blued and American walnut rifle with a 24" barrel. The 6.5 Creedmoor originally was designed to be a match cartridge and now is being loaded with Hornady® hunting bullets, making it the the perfect round for all North American game, up to and including elk.

Four additional calibers have been added to the No. 1 Light Sporter (1-A) offerings in 2011. Two classic American calibers, .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester, are joined by the venerable .303 British chambering. The fourth new caliber is the new, super accurate 6.5 Creedmoor. The No. 1 Light Sporter features a 22" barrel with an adjustable folding rear sight and dovetail-type gold bead front sight, an American walnut stock with Alexander Henry-style forend, and a blued receiver and barrel.

The No. 1 Medium Sporter (1-S) rifle line that features a checkered American walnut stock, a blued receiver, and medium weight barrel is now chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. The 22" barreled Medium Sporter also features an adjustable folding rear sight, a dovetail-type gold bead front sight, and weighs in at 7.25 pounds.

Originally introduced in 1967, Ruger No. 1 rifles provide a strong, accurate, dependable rifle for single-shot precision shooting. These American-made rifles are available in calibers ranging from .204 Ruger to .458 Lott. All models (except the heavy barreled "Varminter") are equipped with quarter-rib scope mounts machined to accept Ruger patented scope rings (provided at no charge) that never shoot loose.

The Ruger No. 1 rifle is an under-lever operated falling block single-shot rifle. Its artillery-style breechblock is lowered by operating the under-lever, exposing the firing chamber. A single cartridge is inserted into the firing chamber, the lever is closed, and the rifle is ready to fire at a selected target. A convenient sliding tang safety is instantly visible and readily accessible. The Ruger No. 1 rifle is the firearm of choice for those seeking the challenge of placing a single, accurate shot.

New M77 Hawkeye Finish
The Ruger M77® Hawkeye® bolt-action rifle now features a satin blued finish on the receiver and barrel when paired with the classic checkered American walnut stock. Introduced in 2006, the M77 Hawkeye rifles are refinements of the popular Ruger M77 Mark II rifles, with improved features including the smooth and crisp Ruger LC6™ trigger. Key features of the Ruger M77 Mark II have been retained in the M77 Hawkeye rifles, including Mauser-type controlled feeding and a powerful claw extractor, 3-position safety, hammer forged steel barrels and free Ruger patented scope rings. The steel floorplate, now bearing the distinctive Ruger logo, provides easy unloading and eliminates accidental "dumping" of ammunition.