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Ruger Introduces TV Show That Takes Viewers From Factory to Field

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce the premiere of the RUGER INSIDE & OUT™ television program. The show gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the product development process at Ruger and other industry leaders. RUGER INSIDE & OUT will premiere on Sportsman Channel on June 25th at 9:00 PM EST during Monday Night's Lock & Load primetime block.

"We are excited that RUGER INSIDE & OUT offer viewers a different look at firearms, ammunition, optics, and other topics of interest to shooting enthusiasts," said Ken Jorgensen, Ruger Director of Media Relations. "RUGER INSIDE & OUT tells the story of how products come to be. We talk with designers, engineers, manufacturing staff, and many others that are part of the process that brings products from concept to customer. Viewers will hear these stories and see what goes on in the factory, not only at Ruger, but also with show partners such as Hornady® and Zeiss. We'll also head out on hunts, to training classes, and to other venues where we can put these excellent products to use," he concluded.

With the help of our sponsor partners, RUGER INSIDE & OUT will give viewers valuable "how to" information: how to choose the best equipment; how to prepare for a day on the range or a big hunting trip; even how to incorporate personal defense strategy into your daily life. Whether it is choosing the right optics for an upcoming hunt or the best ammunition for your personal protection firearms, show hosts and guests will discuss the products that will work best for you and why.

As part of the show, well-known firearms trainer and author Dave Spaulding is joined by law enforcement professional Jason Teague for a series of "Straight Talk" discussions for those who carry concealed firearms as part of their personal defense plan. Dave and Jason's many years of law enforcement experience allow them to provide realistic insight into what really happens in the world of self-defense.

Hosted by Ruger staff and top writers from the InterMedia organization, and featuring knowledgeable and experienced industry insiders, trainers, competitors, guides, and enthusiasts, RUGER INSIDE & OUT will keep you informed and entertained!

Catch RUGER INSIDE & OUT four times a week on Sportsman Channel:
Monday Night Lock & Load - 9:00 PM EST (following Guns & Ammo at 8:00 PM and Davidson's Gallery of Guns at 8:30 PM)
Tuesday - 12:00 AM EST
Wednesday - 6:00 AM EST
Thursday - 3:30 PM EST

RUGER INSIDE & OUT is proud to work with the following sponsors:

Hornady Manufacturing Company:
Carl Zeiss Sport Optics, LLC:
Davidson's Inc.:
Crossbreed Holsters, LLC:
Hogue, Inc.:

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