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Ruger Guide Gun Named "Best of the Best"

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce that the Ruger® Guide Gun has been awarded the 2013 Best of the Best Award from Field & Stream. Only products thoroughly tested by the Field & Stream panel and found to meet their criteria receive this designation. The new Ruger® Guide Gun combines aspects of several of Ruger's most popular rifles to produce a high-performance, feature-rich hunting rifle that is ready for all conditions and hunting opportunities.

"We are pleased that the experts at Field & Stream have recognized the unique qualities of the Ruger Guide Gun," said Ruger President & CEO Mike Fifer. "Significant thought, development and testing went into this rifle in order to create a versatile firearm perfect for hunting situations all around the globe," he concluded.

The Ruger® Guide Gun includes a revolutionary Ruger® Muzzle Brake System. The RMBS is a removable, radial-port muzzle brake that significantly reduces felt recoil. When the brake is not preferred, it may be replaced by the dynamically matched muzzle weight, which is provided as part of the system. Switching between the brake and the weight will not change the bullet's point of impact. The included thread protector may be used if neither the brake nor the weight is desired.

Considering the popularity of the Ruger® Gunsite Scout Rifle, Ruger decided to incorporate the soft rubber recoil pad and three 1/2" spacers that allow shooters to create a properly sized stock and perfect length of pull. With this versatile system, a shooter can accommodate a change in outerwear of varying thickness, for example.

The Ruger® Guide Gun also incorporates proven M77® Hawkeye® features such as Mauser-type controlled feeding and a powerful claw extractor, three-position safety, and Ruger® patented scope rings (provided at no charge) that install on the integral mounts. The design of the patented steel floorplate, which bears the distinctive Ruger® logo, provides easy unloading and eliminates accidental "dumping" of ammunition.

All Ruger® Guide Guns feature windage adjustable shallow "V" notch rear sights and large white bead front sights for instant sight alignment. The Ruger® Guide Gun also contains the light and crisp LC6™ trigger. The stainless steel receiver and barrel, featuring a barrel band sling swivel, combine with a Green Mountain laminate stock to provide a weather resistant firearm for all seasons and climates.

The new Ruger® Guide Gun bolt-action rifle is available in .30-06 Sprg., .300 Win. Mag., .338 Win. Mag., .300 RCM, .338 RCM and .375 Ruger. A left-handed configuration is available in .375 Ruger.

About Best of the Best: Each year the editors at Field & Stream review new products and innovations and choose the top performing items for inclusion in the annual Best of The Best round-up. Field & Stream test-team members rigorously test each item during a process dubbed the "Field & Stream Torture Tests." Products are shot, bent, driven, dropped and generally abused. Anything that falters is immediately eliminated. Beyond surviving the torture tests, winning products are ultimately selected based on significance of the innovation, the quality of the design, and the value they bring to outdoorsmen. Selection criteria varies depending upon the category, but all of the winning products share one characteristic: excellence in their field.

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